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We are trusted
We are completely independent
The auction platform is 100% owned by the company’s three directors. We have partnered with leading money transfer companies, who are regulated and authorised to conduct international money transfers
There is no bias
We are paid a fee by the winning money transfer company. This fee is absorbed by the money transfer company and does not add to your costs. We don’t accept anything else. There’s no bias or favouritism. Whoever wins your business, wins it fairly.
Exchange Margin Guarantee
Most currency transfer providers, including banks and money transfer companies, add a margin on top of the mid-market rate. However, they do not reveal exactly what this margin is – it is usually hidden within the exchange rate, making it hard to know how much you are paying, and making it almost impossible to compare providers to find the best deal.

We are different. We are transparent. We tell our customers exactly what margin is being charged above the mid-market rate. And our partner firms have promised to honour that margin, no matter what happens to exchange rates in the meantime. Therefore, you will always get the great deal you saw in the auction, putting you in control of the process from the very beginning. The result? Peace of mind and the best rates on the market over 90% of the time.
All the transfer companies are authorised and regulated
All the companies bidding for your business are authorised by the FCA, or the equivalent country regulatory body. Being authorised, and not just registered, is important for the safety of your funds. Authorised companies are legally required to use segregated bank accounts, keeping your funds completely separate from their business.
We’ve handpicked transfer companies who have high customer satisfaction ratings
All the companies competing for your business are well-established businesses in their own right, with hundreds of thousands of happy customers. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of their businesses. Click here to see their satisfaction scores.
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