We are trusted is 100% independent is an auction platform and 100% privately owned by us. We have partnered with leading Money Transfer Companies, who are regulated and authorised to handle international money transfers.

At the end of an auction, we pass your details to the winning Transfer Company and they then deal with you direct. We are paid a transaction fee by the winning Money Transfer Company. Importantly, this is calculated the same for all the Money Transfer Companies, so there’s no bias or favouritism. Whoever wins your business, wins it fairly.
There’s no fees and 100% money-back guarantee
There’s no fees or charges for running an auction. In the unlikely event that the Money Transfer Company ceases trading and your transfer is not completed resulting in the loss of the money you were transferring, we will ensure that you get back 100% of the money.
All the Transfer Companies are authorized and regulated
All the companies bidding for your business are ‘authorized’ by the FCA, or the equivalent country regulatory body. Being ‘authorized’, and not just ‘registered’, is important for the safety of your funds. ‘Authorized companies’ are legally required to use segregated bank accounts, keeping your funds completely separate from their business.
The Transfer Companies have high customer satisfaction ratings
All the companies competing for your business are well-established businesses in their own right with hundreds of thousands of happy customers. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of their businesses. Click here to see their satisfaction scores.
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