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You’ve nothing to lose as there’s no obligation
If you’re not 100% satisfied with anything, and we mean absolutely anything at all, then there’s no obligation. We won’t quibble with you. We won’t debate with you. Guaranteed satisfaction or no deal at any time during the process. Simple. is completely independent is not a Money Transfer Company itself and nor are we owned by one. We are not permitted to transfer money ourselves. We pass your details to the winning Transfer Company and they then deal with you direct. We are paid a referral fees by the Transfer Companies. There’s zero favoritism given to any of the Transfer Companies participating in whatsoever. Whoever wins your business, wins it fairly.
All the Transfer Companies are authorized and regulated
All the companies bidding for your business are ‘authorized’ by the FCA, or the equivalent country regulatory body. Being ‘authorized’, and not just ‘registered’, is important for the safety of your funds. ‘Authorized companies’ are legally required to use segregated bank accounts, keeping your funds completely separate from their business.
The Transfer Companies have high customer satisfaction ratings
All the companies competing for your business are well-established businesses in their own right with hundreds of thousands of happy customers. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of their businesses. Click here to see their satisfaction scores.
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